POLS 307/REL 307

Many of you may want to use data in your papers. There are lots of data sets online now, where you do not need to know a statistical software to use the data. Of course you should know a statistical software!

Here are some places to start:

Roger Finke, who we have read in class, has created an archive for data sets about religious knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and practices.  There are fun online tools, country reports and data, data, data! See if there is a data set that you can use.

This is an academically driven Europe-wide survey, which has a battery of questions on religion. You need to register, but they you can play with the data online.

They have many different fun and interactive tools to explore religion.

I take issue with this site because they DO NOT make their data publicly available. Nevertheless, you can read the reports.

This study was discussed widely in class. You can download the 2001 data from here. There are no fun online tools, though. So you have to be able to use a statistical program to look at the data.