Selected Published Manuscripts

Erlich, Aaron, and Nicholas Kerr. 2016. “‘The Local Mwananchi Has Lost Trust’: Design, Transition and Legitimacy in Kenyan Election Management.” The Journal of Modern African Studies 54(04): 671–702.
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Bush, Sarah Sunn, Aaron Erlich, Lauren Prather, and Yael Zeira. 2016. “The Effects of Authoritarian Iconography An Experimental Test.” Comparative Political Studies 49(13): 1704–1738.
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Berliner, Daniel, and Aaron Erlich. 2015. “Competing for Transparency: Political Competition and Institutional Reform in Mexican States.” American Political Science Review 109(01): 110–28.
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Working Papers

“Priming Gender in a Corrupt Environment: Evidence from Ukraine” [email for draft]

“Differential Item Function in Sub-National Survey Data? Evidence from Ukraine” [email for draft] (with Calvin Garner)

“Shaping Citizens’ Expectations with Pre-Election Information: Evidence from a Laboratory Experiment in the Country of Georgia” [email for draft]

“Covering the campaign: Political Attention in the 2014 South African Presidential Election” (with Jeffrey Arnold, Danielle Jung, James Long)


Works in Progress